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Ibrahim was born in the city of Canakkale, Turkey, which was the ancient city of Troy. At a very young age, Ibrahim began exploring the world by sea and came to America in 1992. Guided by strict principles and the desire to make something of himself, Ibrahim learned many things on his own. He learned his trade through his own desire to create something of himself and for himself.


Ibrahim's passion for life and adventure are the backbones and foundation of Gail's Upholstery and Studio Troy. Adding this to Gail's expertise in sewing and design,

both Gail's Upholstery and Studio Troy stand well above the competition.

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Gail's passion for sewing and design emerged at the prodigy age of five. She dressed up her entire doll collection in original outfits she made by hand. At nine, she started using her mother's sewing machine; the rest is history. Throughout her school years, Gail's developing skill and creativity surpassed even her teachers expectations.


Today, she is a world-class seamstress who has been in the upholstery business over 30 years, combining her extraordinary talent with that of Ibrahim Koroglu (Studio Troy). Gail eagerly awaits your next challenging project - a new opportunity to astonish and delight you with her impeccable taste, standards and unmatched craft.

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